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We want you to be successful. Please take a minute and review these suggestions for writing your letter.

  1. Write to more than one lady. Remember, there is always natural competition and you double your chance to succeed by picking at least two ladies. It’s OK to write the same initial letter to different ladies. We recommend that you write to no more than 3 ladies at one time because it can be quite difficult to have good conversation if they all respond at the same time.

  2. Keep the age difference less than 25 years. Panama ladies seem to prefer an older man but they also want to have a long lifetime with him too.

  3. Of course, you will want to write to the MOST BEAUTIFUL ladies. They seem to have a very high rate of communication. Take a look at other attractive women as well as the incredibly beautiful ones. And to each his own.

  4. Always enclose a good photo of yourself. A picture of you alone. Latin women prefer a picture in which you look formal. Make sure your face can be seen clearly. This picture is just as important to her as her picture was to you so be sure to make a good impression.

  5. Be ready to meet your lady in Panama. It is MOST IMPORTANT to meet her. If you develop serious communication with a lady let her know that you are prepared to meet her in Panama.

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