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About Panama

In Panama’s natural landscapes, one can appreciate the wonders of nature every day. Strategically located between two oceans and the isthmus that connects two continents, Panama possesses natural and environmental riches found in no other country in the world. Panama’s natural landscapes and beaches are the ideal spot to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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Panama Facts

  • Over 1,580 islands are located within Panama’s territorial waters.
  • Over 500 rivers run through the country.
  • In the Canal zone, Panama is only 52 miles wide.
  • More species of birds live in Panama than in all of North America and Canada combined.
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Population: 3.3 million with half the population living in urban areas.
Climate: Tropical
  • The average temperature is 80 degrees.
  • Rainy season is May to early-December.
  • Dry season is mid-December to April.
Area: 29,340 square miles.
Topography: Mountainous. Small hills and vast savannahs near the Pacific coast.
Language: Spanish, with English as a widespread second language.
Government: Democratic.
Religion: 85% Catholic, 15 % Protestant.
Ethnic Groups: 63% Mestizo, 14% African, 12% White, 5% Mulatto and 6% Indigenous.
Currency: Balboa or U.S. Dollar.
Economy: 75% service, 15% industry, 10% agriculture.
Inflation Rate: 1.5%.
Unemployment Rate: 11%.
Principal Trade Export: U.S., Germany, Sweden.
Partners: Import: U.S., Japan.
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